Haunted NZ

This page will forever be expanding and growing to showcase the various alleged haunted locations around New Zealand.  We will endeavour to bring you historical information as well as the location's haunted history and hopefully, put some urban legends to rest at the same time.  Some of these locations our team have had interesting personal experiences with and thoroughly enjoyed investigating.  We look forward to returning to them for further field research in the near future. 

Each location shows whether or not it has been included in the Heritage New Zealand's register.  This is a list of significant and valued historical and cultural heritage places.  Category 1 signifies the historic place to be of special or outstanding historical or cultural significance or value. Category 2 signifies the historic place is of historical or cultural significance or value.  You will see at the end of each location we have listed the individual research status: 

Complete = We think we are done.
Current = We are still collating research.
Ongoing = We are still searching for particular information.
Open = Not actively researching location at this time.

You can also comment on each listing we have included on this page so tell us if you have experienced anything when visiting these locations!  We would love to read about your experiences and you can remain completely anonymous.
Please note:  You will need to verify your email address on your first post so there may be a delay in seeing your comment.  Email address are not posted and nor are they used for any purposes other than to verify you are a real person.  They remain completely confidential.