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The Quantum Foundation

Since our inception in 2010, we have amassed a number of case files on what we term as 'anomalous' or 'paranormal' phenomena which includes ghosts and haunted locations. Our offices are based in the Waikato, North Island region of New Zealand with our investigative team members situated throughout New Zealand. We travel New Zealand conducting field investigations and research into ghosts and alleged haunted locations as well as other various types of paranormal phenomena such as; 

  • Poltergeist activity
  • Cryptozoology
  • UFO reports
  • Possessions/Exorcisms
  • Divine intervention claims
  • Urban Legends 
  • Psi phenomena (Psychokinesis, Astral Projection, Near Death Experiences, etc) 
  • Supernatural and Metaphysical phenomena ( Ancient rituals/rites, Magic)
  • Folklore
  • Time/Space Distortions

Our field investigators are experienced, dedicated people with a passion for exploring and documenting reports of an anomalous nature.  They go through a set training period and are required to file detailed written reports and analysis after each investigation.  All data is housed on our organisations secure server. 

We are methodical, grounded, open minded, individuals who follow strict procedures when executing investigations.  We exhaust all possible mundane explanations before turning to possible paranormal ones.  We use critical thinking, logic and rationale preferring fact over fantasy. We do not assume everything is paranormal. We assume everything isn't! 

We are not 'Ghost Hunters' or 'Ghost Busters'.  We do not employ the use of Spirit/Ouija boards.  We do not use Ghost Apps.  Although we do like to experiment with various equipment!  We are not scientists and nor do we claim to use or follow scientific methods when looking into claims of haunted locations.  Hauntings do not occur in controlled environments.  Scientific methods call for controlled environments.  However we do follow strict protocols when investigating alleged haunted locations and use the basis for scientific methods when examining many other claims of Psi Phenomena. 

We are a non profit organisation and do not charge for our services and will gladly investigate your personal experiences, home, commercial or historical premises completely free of charge and will share with you our research and findings.  We do not share our clients case files with the public unless we have our clients express written permission to do so.

The Foundation employs various equipment to record environmental data, as well as employing Full Spectrum and Infra Red HD camera's. We utilise motion sensors, data loggers, laser grids, EMF detectors, temperature grids/sensors and audio recorders, amongst other equipment on our investigations. We rigourously test and evaluate the capabilities and limitations of equipment and only employ equipment that we believe is fit for purpose.

If you believe you are experiencing paranormal phenomena, anomalous or odd incidents that you can not explain or you know of a reputedly haunted location or live or work in one, then please feel free to contact us.  We are always on the lookout for potentially haunted locations so we may further our research in this area.