Our Team

Our team members are comprised from all walks of life and beliefs and possess varying skill sets.  Each member has had their own personal experiences with the paranormal over the years and are passionate about assisting others to make sense of any anomalous activity they may be experiencing that they are yet to explain. Individual team members have their own area of expertise but all are investigators and each brings something unique to The Quantum Foundation.

All of our investigators are required to undergo a set training period and are criminal history checked for our clients security.  They are also requested to sign a Non Disclosure agreement with our organisation.  Our organisation then signs a non disclosure agreement with you, our client.  This gives you peace of mind that your information, location and details will remain strictly confidential unless you give us express written permission to do otherwise.

Case Manager - Tracey Royce

I have had an interest in ghosts, folklore and the paranormal since around age 10. As a voracious reader, I spent numerous hours devouring every book I could lay my hands on regarding these subjects. 

This led to an interest in the Occult in my early teen years which resulted in joining a few different Orders over the decades to further my knowledge in this area.

From 1980 to 1995 I studied Psi Phenomena and Folklore while conducting numerous solo vigils and explorations of various haunted locations throughout England, Scotland and Ireland before becoming part of a paranormal investigative group in New Zealand for a short time. In 2010 Lisa and I created The Quantum Foundation. With well over 40 years of active experience in the paranormal field, my interest has only deepened as I continue to explore this fascinating subject.

I hold qualifications in Business Management, Administration, Conference and Event Planning, Tourism, Adult Education and have completed a course in Parapsychology with The University of Edinburgh in the UK.

In my spare time you will find me swimming in the pool, hanging out with my dog by my side researching, reading or out in the field doing something paranormal related!

Lead Investigator Kelz Cavanagh

I’ve had an interest in the paranormal for as long as I can remember, and through a chance meeting (or in my words – a meaningful coincidence) I became part of a small paranormal investigative team around 15 years ago. 

A few years later I started my own team and we investigated various locations around Dunedin. I have known Tracey for around 8 years through our mutual paranormal interests and recently I had the privilege of joining the Quantum Foundation as a researcher, which is one of my favourite parts of the investigative process. 

I come into investigations with a skeptical frame of mind whilst being open minded enough to believe that there are things that cannot be logically explained away. I have qualifications in science, law, pharmacy and photography. 

I work as a laboratory technician in a food-testing laboratory which requires an analytical and methodical train of thought on a daily basis. In my spare time you’ll usually find me out and about, often in the wee early hours, photographing the beautiful landscapes and night skies around us (if I’m not researching or investigating the paranormal). 

Technical Manager
 - Jayden-Lee Slater

I have always been interested in the paranormal and spent some time investigating locations with my mother a number of years ago. I am a very grounded, pragmatic person and approach every investigation from that view point.

Having worked in TV and Event Production, I am able to bring my filming, editing and camera expertise on investigations, enabling professional video production on episodes for our You Tube Channel.

I am excited about creating innovative paranormal equipment for Quantum to field test and look forward to finalising these pieces and putting them to work.

I have qualifications in Electrical Engineering and First Aid and in my spare time you can find me tinkering away in my workshop on my latest paranormal creation.

Investigator - Suzie Cromb

My interests in ghosts and the paranormal has been around for as long as I can remember, having had numerous experiences in early childhood and throughout my life.

In my teens, I started my research into the paranormal and occult subjects to try to understand and learn more about my own experiences. Constantly curious, I am always studying and researching....literally anything!

I hold qualifications in Science, Technology, Automotive Engineering, Insurance, Risk Management, and Canine Behaviour. When not out on investigations or conducting research, you'll probably find me racing my pack of huskies around our countries forests!!


Investigator Kristin Elder

I have always been interested in the paranormal and all things that can not be explained since early childhood. This was a result of personal experiences in my childhood home and those that have continued throughout my adult life.

I have attended several investigations over the decades both with The Quantum Foundation and another team. I consider myself a very logical thinker and I try to look for all other reasons as to why activity is happening. Some things just can't be explained though!

I am currently studying Chemistry and Biology at University and spend most of my spare time with my son and family.

Trainee Investigator - Bec Louise

Like a lot of people who enter this field, I have always had a curiosity of the paranormal & the unknown. Growing up in Dunedin and spending a number of years in the UK has grown my love for history.  I attended a few investigations while in the UK which only fueled my interest for further exploration of this fascinating field! 

In my professional life I have volunteered in a number of interesting roles, have run my own pet care business, been a Dog Handler and now run my own Life Coaching business.

I have qualifications in Dog Behaviour and Animal Hydrotherapy, Counselling, Youth Work and First Aid and in 2022 will be starting my qualification in Parapsychology with the University of Edinburgh. When I'm not running around doing 101 things you'll find me walking my 2 black Labradors, in a fitness class, on a SUP or on the mat doing Jiu-Jitsu. (I'm always learning something!). 

Trainee Investigator - Eve King

I grew up in the UK and we had a family joke that the strange noises we heard around the house were just our Great Uncle Norman who enjoyed playing tricks on us. Since then I have always had a huge interest in the paranormal and what was “out there” but have never had the opportunity to look deeper - until now.  

I was lucky enough to join the Quantum team on a pubic investigation and had the most amazing time.   I was so excited to see all the equipment and how an investigation is conducted, and now have the opportunity to follow my passion and learn so much more about the paranormal and hauntings.

I moved to New Zealand in 1996 and have been a Veterinary Nurse for the last 20 years and now work as a Tutor passing on my knowledge and passion to new nurses.  I have a Diploma in Veterinary Nursing and am currently studying to further my teaching qualifications.  I am really excited to be able to learn so much more about the paranormal field.

In my spare time I love travelling am a keen rugby supporter and live concerts are also high on my list!