Maori Mythology

New Zealand is a country rich in Maori mythology and legend which can sometimes find itself entering the world of cryptids and the supernatural.  Maori mythology is varied, extensive and incredibly intricate and by no means can we do it justice here! 

Our research leads us to believe a lot of these beings are called different names by different iwi (people) depending upon the region of New Zealand they are found in.   

Some people report eye witness accounts of various beings to this day.  Some believe these beings to be spiritual and others believe them to be living creatures.  Whatever the answer may be, we think they are interesting enough to be included on our site.

This by no means constitutes a complete list and we will endeavour to add to it as and when time allows.

If you would like us to research a particular Maori myth or legend, feel free to get in touch via our Contacts Us page.