From time to time, our organisation holds events where members of the public will get a chance to join us and experience what an investigation is like first hand!  Venue's are chosen carefully to ensure they are large enough to accommodate a number of people and of course, they have to be reputedly haunted !!

Prices and inclusions will differ from event to event and may include such things as accommodation, meals and talks/lectures, as well as the investigation itself. Capacity of attendees will also vary and will be based on the size of the location but will be strictly limited to ensure an authentic experience for all attendees.

Please bear in mind, these events are held infrequently so we can't stress enough the importance of booking early to ensure your place !!

You will need to bring your own camera and are welcome to bring your own investigative equipment along should you have any. We also recommend you bring warm clothing in case required, as well as some snacks and refreshments to keep you going throughout the night.

We look forward to sharing our world with you!

No events at present