Larnach Castle Upper floor incident

I visited this castle in 2018. I experienced something on the upper floor, in what I think was The Nursery or the Nanny's room. It had a single bed and a dresser near the windows and a small wardrobe. When walking down the hall toward the room the feeling was "normal". When I entered the room it was like I crossed an invisible line and the air was thick and heavy. I left the room and the feeling was normal again. I stepped back inside the room again and the thick air was evident again. It wasn't scary, but fascinating. The air was heavy and I was intrigued as my husband said he didn't feel a single thing! I reported this event to the lady in the souvenir shop. It was a surreal and exciting thing to experience in such an amazing location.
Posted: 2024-01-28 23:46 by Lisa