Sorry we have been very quiet of late as we have several things brewing in the background that we are working on.  

We have another public event occuring on the 1st April at our happy place - the Waikino Hotel which is situated in the stunning Karangahake Gorge.  We still have places as of today's date, so if you would like to join us click on our Events link and fill in the booking form.

Reviewing footage has been keeping us stupidly busy!!!  Well actually, the debunking process has!

We have captured numerous audio anomalies from our public investigation at the Waikino and are looking forward to sharing these with the participants of this event in detail.  Once we have satisfied ourselves that we have done all we can to attempt to explain them of course!.

Debunking any findings is extremely important in paranormal investigation but unfortunately most teams do not spend the time they should be attempting to do this - or just don't even bother at all claiming any little anomaly to be paranormal in nature.

This is not how paranormal investigation works.

The analysis of any findings requires a methodical, robust, process driven approach, which requires time and numerous opportunities to attempt to recreate what you have captured.

Never should the paranormal be the first explanation.  The emphasis should be firmly put on the word 'investigate' and the paranormal as an explanation for anomalies should be the last port of call.  Unfortunately, this is not the case in the majority of groups/teams today.

On that note - best I get back to it!

Posted: Thu 09 Mar 2023