The REAL work!

This is where the REAL work starts!
Hours upon hours of video, static camera and audio footage to trawl through, anomalies to debunk, or try to and1,000's of photo's to go through.

Doing 4 investigations over 4 days was really tough going!!

But the reviewing is tougher still - thank goodness I have bad internet being rural so can not assist the rest of the team with this exercise.
Sorry team - not sorry team? Tongue Out

This is why there are no mini reports up on the website as yet.  The client receives theirs after the reviewing has been completed and then and only then, can I upload information to the website regarding investigations.  I haven't forgotten, just awaiting the team working their magick to enable me to update the site.

So hang in there!  It's coming!!!

Posted: Thu 26 May 2022