Larnach Castle Investigation

Both Quantum's North Island and South Island teams converged on Dunedin Easter weekend for a 5 day investigative trip!!!  This had been in the planning since October 2021 and we were incredibly excited the time had finally come to head down there after months of waiting!

We had a fantasic time joining forces with Haunted New Zealand to investigate two historical buildings - The Stables accommodation and Larnach Castle.  

With full permission to investigate both buildings over a 2 night period, we were priviledged to be granted unrestricted access to these in an attempt to document the claims of the reputed hauntings.  We also investigated the grounds where reports have also been made with regards to anomalous occurrences. 

Our large, joint team stayed in The 'haunted' Stables for 2 nights, dined in style with a 4 course banquet dinner in the castle and investigated every nook and cranny on the property during our stay there.  Our investigation of the castle started after diners had left (approximately 10pm) and continued through to the wee hours of the morning.

We placed static IR camera's in known hot spots of the castle and covered the various other area's with roaming IR video camera's as well as having two professtional camera men in tow.

This was the 2nd time two members of Quantum had investigated this location so it was great for us to come back to it once again as some changes within the Castle had taken place.

The task of going through the massess of footage taken and EVP's that were recorded will take a number of weeks to complete but we will be bringing you footage via our You Tube Channel as well as a report and photo's right here on our website.  So check back in over the next 6 weeks and hopefully we will have managed to get through it all by that stage!

Did our investigators experience anything of a personal nature? Yes we sure did and although we do not believe this consitutues evidence of the paranormal, we do believe it is interesting and well worthy of documenting.

Quantum also visited the Larnach Tomb at Dunedins Northern Cemetery, took a guided tour of a well known spot, visited the Truby King Reserve and completed another investigation of a reputedly haunted Dunedin location.


But lets get Larnach Castle and The Stables out way first ..........Cool



Posted: Mon 25 Apr 2022