April is a doozie!

This month begins our 'buzy' period with many investigaitons planned and much research happening.  It really is all go around here for the next few months!!

We have some truly incredible locations we have been priviliged enough to be invited in and given unrestricted access to, as well as a number of exciting announcements that will be unfolding over the next few months.

Naturally, we will be updating the website to feature our investigaitons as they unfold so you, our readers, can keep informed of where we are and what we are doing and plans for a wee 'tidy up' of the wesbite will be undertaken as soon as time will allow (August???)

For now - keep your eyes peeled on our Facebook page The Quantum Foundation 

or head over to our group Ghosts and the Paranormal in NZ to discover the 1st of many upcoming announcements.

First announcement drops in a few days!

Posted: Sat 09 Apr 2022