EMF Meters

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We are excited to begin offering products for retail within New Zealand!

All of our products are either manufactured by our own technical development department or are purchased from reputable manufacturers, where ever possible, within the southern hemisphere.  The products we retail have all been thoroughly tested on investigations by our own team members and are passed as fit for purpose.  We stand by all the products we offer.

We do not stock gimmicky paranormal equipment.

We do not stock paranormal equipment that has proven to be of little use to the field.

However, we do stock paranormal equipment that does what it says it does.

We will be expanding our range of equipment over time to include further items for use in the field of paranormal research.

  • Small enough to carry in your pocket, this meter will detect EMF/MF/SMF using 9 LED display lights - 3 for each field - to relay strength of detection.
    Powered by a single 9v battery (not included).
    NZ$ 90.00 EA
    In Stock

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